PolyGard MGC-03 with buzzer, without further options, housing C

Combustible, Flammable Gas Standalone Controller

ALVI Automation Gas Alarm System India offer MSR Electronic, Germany standalone gas controller ie. controller with inbuilt sensor for continuous monitoring of combustible, flammable gases and intiating warning signal. SPC series comes with inbuilt sensor to monitor gas and trigger alarm, fans etc.


  • Inbuilt sensor cell (plug-in type)
  • sensor cell: pellistor, catalytic bead
  • with LCD display (HMI)
  • with 2 x potential free digital output (relays, 0.5 / 1A)
  • with 230VAC , 110VAC, 24DVC power supply
  • with key press button for configuration, programming
  • with simple english program facility (no programming knowledge required)
  • with IP65 enclosure, suitable for installation at any environment like coal mines, underground mines, onshore, offshore, chemical plant, hydro power plant, coal bunker, marine etc.
  • with fault, error alarm
  • with inbuilt buzzer for early warning
  • with fault LEDs, power on LEDs
  • with auto-diagnostic watch dog
  • 1 x additional transmitter can be hooked up
  • Guidelines: CE, EMC, EEC, VDI

Gas type available:
Hydrocarbon, hydrogen, benzene, toluene, acetone, ethyl acetate, ethyl acetone, methane, methanol, ethanol, MEK, methyl ethyl ketone, ammonia, LPG, PNG, CNG, ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, hexane, heptane, octane, nonane, pentane, propane, butane, JP8, Iso propanol alcohol, cyclohexane, acetylene, ethane, ethylene oxide, ETO, isopropyl alcohol, JET