Fischer DE38

Control of the frequency in VFD, VSD for pump motor control by Fischer DE38 Differential Pressure Transmitter

For control of hydraulic fluids, oil, lubricants Fischer DE38 Differential Pressure Switch, Transmitter is widely being used for controlling the hydraulics pumps. Differential Pressure measurement in hydraulic fluid pipe lines is an important technology in measurement of fluid flow and there by volume measurement and control. With Fischer DE38 01DYYB Differential Pressure Switch Transmitter measures the pressure differential between two points and thereby calculates the flow rates of the fluids and volume of the fluids. This technology helps the user in finding out the consumption of hydraulic fluid oil and lubricants there by reduce operational cost, maintenance cost.
WILO pumps used Fischer products for pump control, Flender system also used Fischer products.
DE38 Fischer Differential pressure switch transmitter is braught to you by ALVI Technologies Pty Ltd, Australia and ALVI Automation Jaipur (India)

Application: Fischer differential pressure switch, transmitter DS11, DS31, DS28, DE38, DE48 finds wide application

  • Control of heating oil and buildings
  • Pump booster stations for water, liquids hydraulics fluids and oil
  • Air conditioning and cooling and refrigeration systems
  • water, waste water and STP