DE39 Digital Diff. Pressure Transmitter-Gl Structural Tested With Pressure Sensor


  • Large bright led display
  • Selectable pressure units
  • 2 indipendent limits with a choice of logic modes
  • With microprocessor for most accurate pressure reading
  • Digitally programmable zero adjustment and filtering

  • Optimal analog signal output with user programmable scaling, linearization, Inversion and offset adjustment .
  • User defined signal conversion look up table (up to 30 points)
  • Fully programmable from a PC, using the optional model EU03 PC Adaptor.
  • Separate display for each pressure possible
  • Measuring range :0-6 bar to 0-40 bar
  • Output:0/4-20mA ,0-10VDC
  • Nominal pressure:40bar
  • Operating temperature :ambient :-10OC  TO +70 OC ,media:- 10OC TO +80OC
  • Protection class :IP65 per DIN EN 60529



  • Differential pressure measurement of highly contaminated media
  • Filter condition monitoring
  • Hydro-static level monitoring
  • Monitoring of pumps and compressors