Digital differential pressure transmitter with 4-digit colour change LCD – DE39

ALVI – India in association with ALVI – Australia takes pride to offer Display and switching device for Differential pressure of gaseous and fluid media.
Typical applications
• Differential pressure measurements in heavily soiled media
• Filter monitoring
• simple pump control systems
• Pump, compressor monitoring
Design and mode of operation
The device is based on an electronic evaluation circuit that analyses the measuring signals P+ and P- of two integrated ceramic pressure transmitters. The signals are digitalised and sent to the analysis unit for further processing. Both signals can be shown separately.
The main feature is the calculation of the differential pressure. The analysis allows two independent switch points to be set and makes two programmable output signals available. The first output signal (channel 1) is proportional to the differential pres-sure and can be influenced by means of rooting or a table. The second output signal (channel 2) is proportional to the pressure and can be assigned optionally to the signal P+ or P-.
The nominal pressures of the integrated sensors and the differential pressure measuring range are set permanently ex-works and stated on the  type plate.

Important features
• 4-digit colour change LCD
• The individual pressures (P+, P-) can be dis-played
• Switchable pressure units (bar, mbar, Pa, kPa, MPa, psi, InWc, mmW, mmHg)
• 2 independent switching points with lots of con-figuration options
• Zero-point correction, signal damping
• 2 programmable output signals current/voltage
• Characteristic curve spread and reverse with freely selectable offset
• Characteristic curve implementation via table with max. 30 measuring points
• Full parameter setting and measuring point protocol possible thanks to optional PC adapter EU03.