Fire Protection and Fire Prevention in Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems


ALVI Automation India, Gas Alarm India in association with ALVI Technologies Australia bring Joventa DM1.1 and DM1.1S electric damper-actuator series. Joventa DM1.1 is designed to operate air dampers in ventilation and air conditioning systems for isolation of ventilation and air conditioning system due to fire, smoke and unhealthy air quality (IAQ). The compact design and universal adapter fitted with limitation of rotation angle make this JOVENTA actuator highly versatile.

Device Properties:

  • Input DC0(2)…10V or 0(4)…20 mA control
  • Up to 5 actuators in parallel operation possible
  • Plug-in terminal block connection
  • Simple direct-mount with universal adapter on Ø 10 mm to 20 mm shaft or square shaft from10 mm to16 mm. 48 mm minimum damper shaft length
  • Selectable direction of rotation
  • Limitation of rotation angle
  • Manual release button
  • 2 adjustable auxiliary switches
  • Automatic shut-off at end position (overload switch)
  • Energy saving at end positions
  • Actuators available with 1 m halogen-free cable
  • Customized versions available
  • Devices meet CE requirements


  • Torque range: 16 Nm
  •  Power supply: 24VAC/DC
  • Input Signal: DC 0(2)-10 V or 0(4)-20 mA
  • Power Consuption
    • Running:  4 W
    • At end position: 0.6 W
  • Weight 1.1 k
  • Damper Area: 3 square meter
  • Angle of rotation : 90° (93° mech.)
  • Flap: 90°
  • Run time: 80 sec – 110 sec
  • With/ without auxiliary switch
  • without spring back (spring return)
  • Up to 5 actuators in parallel operation possible
  • Manual release button
  • Automatic shut off at end position
  • IP54 protection (Standard), IP65
  • Operating temperature: -20° – +50° C
  • Auxiliary Switches: 3(1.5A), AC 24V