Fischer Mess Technik, Germany| (

Fischer expertise encompasses a variety of measurement and control instruments: Complex from a pressure switch to networked control systems. Our devices are used in all areas in order to process to optimize various kinds Pressure, differential pressure, temperature, humidity, Level or flow.

Fischer offer products detection, measurement and control of, for all type of medium, environment , corrosive or safe:

  • Pressure measurement
  • Differential Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Valves
  • Signal
  • And control devices
  • Level
  • Special Devices
  • Service Equipment
  • Limit Switch
  • ATEX compliant equipment

For the different applications in biogas plants, Fischer offers appropriate and accurate measuring instruments. Some selected examples:

  • Gas pressure in the fermenter
  • Level (continuous) in the fermenter
  • Level (Switching) in the fermenter
  • Pump pressure monitoring
  • Temperature