Floating Switches :- For Regulation and Signalling of Liquid Levels

ALVI India  in association with ALVI Australia and Jola Germany takes pride to introduce Floating Switch of different model for detecting the Liquid levels in a tank.

These floating switches are designed for mounting from the side or from the top.
To ensure a correct switching the cable must be fixed at the required height using a stuffing
gland, for example, in the case of mounting from the side or using a fixing weight, for example, in
case of mounting from the top.
These units are not suitable for use in turbulent liquids (e.g. in stirrer tanks).

Please note the following:
The floating switch SSP 1/K/… or SSP/S1/K/… is equipped with a gold-plated crosspoint contact.
One of the characteristic properties of gold-plated contacts is that they can reliably switch the
smallest voltages and smallest currents, even after extremely long standstill times.
These gold-plated contacts have the following unfavourable properties:

• The gold layer may become burnt off even after just one-off overload. If this happens, the contact
loses its ability to reliably switch the smallest voltages and smallest currents.
• Extremely frequent switching actions can also impair or destroy the gold layer, leading to the
same effects as outlined above.
If you need to choose between an SSP 1/K/… or SSP/S1/K/… with gold-plated contact and an
SSP 3/K/… or SSP/S3/K/… with AgNi contact for an AC/DC 24 V application, your choice should
be based on the following criteria:
• Floating switch is seldom in operation but should continue to work reliably even after years:
SSP 1/K/… or SSP/S1/K/… .
• Floating switch is frequently in operation, is permanently in action: SSP 3/K/… or SSP/S3/K/… .

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