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Gas Alarm Systems Australia ( ALVI Automation India) MSR Polygard Butane, C4H10, Monitor

Gas Alarm Systems( Australia in association with Gas alarm systems India ( are  pleased to introduce MSR Germany, Polygard Gas Detector for Butane, C4H10, LPG.

Butane, C4H10, LPG is  highly explosive, Combustible gas

Gas Alarm India ( Gas Alarm Systems  Australia ( have MSR Gas Detector, Gas Analyzer, Gas Sensor, Gas Transmitter under MSR Polygard range to meet world critical safety standards for life and plant protection.

Our product range includes MSR microgard, MA-0-11xx, MC2-E11xx, ADT-x3-34xx, ADT-x3-11xx, SPC-x3-11xx, Polyzeta 2 for hazardous zone 1, zone 2 areas. it has IEC EX, ATEX certification with SIL 2.

All products and systems are manufactured in Germany , hence quality and reliability are assured.