GSM Remote Controller & Alarm System – ALV-GSM-D-X

ALVI – India (  in association with Gas Alarm Systems – Australia ( offer GSM Remote Controller & Alarm System – ALV-GSM-D-X

1) USB port connectivity to PC
2) Multiple Digital Inputs (DI) depending on part number X
3) 2 Relay outputs (1 through digital inputs, 1 through SMS commands)
Each DI can be programmed through the PC so that when switched, the controller will send
an SMS notification (configurable in the programming under “Digital Input SMS Alert
Contents” – 32 characters max) to the listed phone numbers in the “SMS Alert Numbers”
column (3 recipients max). Phone messages are also able to be transmitted to a total of 5
phone numbers when the microphone and speaker are connected.
The device has two built in relays: Relay 1 is triggered by both digital inputs where as Relay 2
is controlled using SMS commands. The device can be independently powered by its internal
battery for a maximum of 24 hours.

For more details please find :- alvi-gsm