Jola – Fuel (Liquid) Leak Detector

ALVI – India in association with Gas Alarm Systems – Australia and Jola Germany offer Fuel Leak Detection.Industrial processes where fuel oil is used and stored, it is imperative to integrate an efficient fuel leak detection system to continuously protect distribution lines or storage tanks from leakage.

Most of the storage facilities in process industries, where spills are common, use bund as a part of spill containment system. Bund is a constructed retaining wall around storage providing a barrier to an unintended escape of material until remedial action is taken. It is best to detect the leak within the bund when the leak size is small avoiding further damage and expensive clean-up costs.

Bunding is widely used in fuel oil storage. Fuel oil such as petrol, diesel, kerosene, etc being non-conductive in nature , to detect and sense the presence of leak is a special challenge.