Jovents Electric Damper Actuator for Thermal Power Plant

Joventa Actuator – Motorized operation of air dampers in air conditioning systems.

ALVI –  India  in association with ALVI- Australia takes pride to introduce Joventa actuator for Motorized operation of air dampers in air conditioning systems .

The JOVENTA SPRING RETURN electric damper actuator series has been specially developed for the motorized operation of air dampers in air conditioning systems. When the control signal is applied the actuator drives the damper to the operational position, while evenly tensioning the integrated spring. After a power failure the stored energy in the spring immediately brings the damper to the safety position. Manual operation is automatically cancelled when the actuator is in electrical operation. The compact design and universal adapter fitted with limitation of rotation angle make this actuator highly versatile.

■■ ON/OFF control
■■ Up to 5 actuators in parallel operation possible
■■ Electrical connection with halogen-free cable
■■ Simple direct mounting with universal adapter on 8 mm to 16 mm shaft or 6 mm to 12 mm square shaft.
An optional M9208-600 Jackshaft Coupler Kit is available for 12 to 19 mm round shafts, or 10 mm to 14 mm square shafts.
■■ Limitation of rotation angle
■■ Manual positioning with crank handle
■■ 2 auxiliary switches, 1 adjustable
(See page 3 for settings)
■■ Automatic shut-off at end position

Ordering Codes
Codes Descriptions
DAF1.08N 8 Nm, 24 V AC/DC, ON/OFF
DAF1.08SN 8 Nm, 24 V AC/DC, ON/OFF, 2 auxiliary switches
DAF 2.08N 8 Nm, 230 V AC, ON/OFF
DAF 2.08SN 8 Nm, 230 V AC, ON/OFF 2 auxiliary switches

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