MSR Gas Controller/PLC

Model: DGC 05


  • For monitoring analog (4-20mA, 0-10V signals) & digital (DGC, Modbus) transmitters
  • With LCD Display, 230 VAC Power Supply, auto-diagnostic watchdog, errorlog, datalogging optional
  • Wall-mounted, IP65 enclosure
  • 4;8;12;16;202;24;32….. upto 98 channel control systems to accept gas sensor/transmitter inputs
  • Transmitter types (CO, NH3, NO2, Freon, CO2, O2, SO2, H2S explosive/flammable, temp., humidity & others)
  • Built-in fan logic controls (for car park fans)
  • RS485, Modbus, LON/BAC-net interfaces
  • Modular and expandable via EP modules for upto 98 channel (DGC-digital systems)