Jovents Electric Damper Actuator for Thermal Power Plant

JOVENTA Silence Electric Damper-Actuator Series

The JOVENTA SILENCE electric damper-actuator series have been developed to operate small and medium air dampers in ventilation and air conditioning systems. The compact design and universal adapter fitted with limitation of rotation angle make this JOVENTA actuator highly versatile.

Key features

  • 2- or 3-point control
  • Load-independent running time
  • Up to 5 actuators in parallel operation possible
  • Plug-in terminal block connection
  •  Simple direct mounting with universal adapter for fitting to Ø 6-mm to 16-mm shaft or with Z01DN adapter kit for 8,10,11 and 12 mm square shaft. 45-mm min shaft length
  • Selectable direction of rotation
  •  Limitation of rotation angle
  •  Manual release button
  •  2 adjustable auxiliary switches See back page for settings
  • Automatic shut-off at end position (overload switch)
  • Energy saving at end positions
  • Actuators available with 1m halogen-free cable
  • Customized versions available
  •  Devices meet CE requirement

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