Sensor For ventilation and desmoking in parking garages

ALVI Automation( & Gas Alarm Systems – Australia( in association with  MSR-Electronic- Germany(,  you can improve the safety, the efficiency and the competitiveness.
MSR-Electronic knows the safety standards worldwide and implements them as one of the first companies in the gas alarm industry, e. g.:
• EN 50545 / SIL 2 / EN 50271
• OVE / ÖNORM Plus EN 50545-1:2013
• CSN EN 50545-1
• UL 2075 / Title 24
Failure protection
The safety systems by MSR-Electronic do not end at the standard and thus increase the failure
protection of your ventilation systems.

Extended safety
Due the application of the latest system electronics from MSR-Electronic not only the service
life of the ventilation systems can be extended. The safety and therefore the building value
will be increased significantly. Thus you absolutely improve the efficiency of your products.

Worldwide safety
The safety of the MSR-Electronic products observes global regulations and standards. So they
can be used in all systems of the world, e.g.:
• EN 50545 / SIL 2 / EN 50271
• OVE/ÖNORM Plus EN 50545-1:2013
• CSN EN 50545-1