ALVI Automation India Pvt Ltd is Div. of ALVI Technologies Pty Ltd, Sydney-Australia, in operation since 2003. The company also operates under GasAlarm Systems. We are a group of experienced engineers, offering gas detection monitoring and control systems, process instrumentation, measurement & control products and automation solutions. We have been involved in several automation industries in the Australasian region including now in India. Our mission is to grow consistently using the best global technologies in products and services offered to customers. Our aim is to best serve and maintain long term relationships by providing most cost effective appropriate solutions.
We are committed towards customer satisfaction through quality products and services. Our vast clientele proves the same. AAIPL derives competitive advantage from its excellent track record, product strategy, and the expertise of its team. The team is a group of more than 15 young dynamic energetic extremely talented industry professionals, who are qualified, trained, motivated and experienced enough to serve our customers well.

Our Primary Focus:

  • Critical Life Safety, Asset Safety, Asset Enhancement.
  • Process control instrumentation, process optimisation most cost effective way.
  • Energy saving, green house gas saving.
  • Pollution monitoring for better environmental control.
  • Industrial and Building Automation for better information flow, control.
  • Service, calibration, maintenance for asset protection, improvement (We take pride in this).
  • Training to customers, clients for effective use, operation of delivered system (we take pride in this too).
We bring to you the best of German Technologies with Australasian expertise like:

MSR Germany range of Gas Detection systems for Combustible/ Toxic Gases, refrigerant leak detection including for Hazardous Areas (ATEX, IEC Ex, SIL 2 certified) with focus on critical life safety, asset safety, energy/greenhouse gas saving, environmental/pollutionenhancement.

MSR-Traffic Germany range of intelligent parking guidance and navigation systems with single space detection for indoor / outdoor use.

FISCHER Germany range of pressure, differential pressure, temperature, humidity, level flow measurement and control instruments for buildings, industries. Finds wide application in pharmaceutical, nuclear, clean room, and industries dealing in harsh, aggressive liquids, chemicals (Many ATEX hazardous area certified).

JOLA Germany range of level controllers for all liquid applications, leakage detectors, detector for hydrocarbon spill on water, immersion probes, float switches, magnetic switches, level indicators, controllers for conductive liquids, plate and cable electrodes, floating electrodes including moisture film detection in data-centres. Most JOLA products carry VDE, ATEX hazardous area certification.

JOVENTA/FRAKTA Germany range of Electric damper actuators for building ventilation, stair well pressurisation, for smoke isolation, valve control.

BECK Germany range of pressure, differential pressure switches and transmitters for measuring differential pressure, over-pressure, vacuum. Finds wide applications in air-filter status, ventilators and overheating protection for fan heaters, monitoring flow in ventilation ducts, frost protection in heat exchangers (range 20 – 4000 Pa, IP54 / IP 65, ATEX Hazardous Area Certified.

Greisinger / Germany, Alre/Germany range of measuring instruments for liquids, fluids, air.


Design, engineering, system integration of all field, process instrumentation backed by PLC, SCADA, DCS and ERP interface.
Sales, service, calibration, asset protection/enhancement – we take pride.
Training/Skill enhancement in PLC, SCADA, Automation, Process Instrumentation and Optimisation.

Our Principals:

Our Industries:
Our customers comes from various industries like oil/gas, chemical, Manufacturing, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, building, mining, nuclear, steel, defence, power, water, waste water, mining, cement, diary, automobile etc.



We at ALVI AUTOMATION INDIA PVT LTD have the capability to take on challenges in automation fields. Our dedicated team of highly qualified Engineers has proven skills in Industrial and building Automation. In the field of industrial and building automation our capabilities include design and engineering, software development and commissioning with products Like PLC, SCADA software, AC/DC drive, motion control drives, instrumentation etc. This is complemented by in house design of control panels including Instruments control panel, Drive panel, PLC panel, Remote I/O panel, machine control panel. This makes it possible for us to provide high quality automation solution that meets with aggressive dead Line & delivery schedules.

Industrial Automation:

  • PLC and DCS Programming
  • HMI and SCADA Development
  • Drive Commissioning
  • Troubleshooting of PLC, HMI and Drive related problems.


 Building Automation:

  • BMS Designing and Programming
  • HMI and SCADA Development
  • Instruments commissioning and calibration.
  • Troubleshooting of Instrumentation related problems.

 Panel Designing:

  • PLC Panels
  • VFD Panels
  • Machine ControlPanels
  • InstrumentationPanels



AAIPL provides information to engineers, professionals and everybody who is interested in Instrumentation, Process automation and control.
We provide services & training on Process Automation and Control, like DCS (Distributed Control Systems), BMS (Building Management System), PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), Batch Control, PID, Advanced Control, Measurement, HMI (Human Machine Interface), Measurement, Process Instrumentation, Industrial Automation Training.
Our services programs are designed to minimize downtime, delays and unforeseen expenditures. With a comprehensive maintenance we make sure your instruments are always in top operating order. This gives you the peace of mind.

Maintenance is as important for instruments as for relations. AAIPL understands the importance of service required after sales to maintain the product performance. Our business has been built around providing the highest quality products and services. Our team is ever ready to serve the customers at their back and call. We can ensure a prompt service, immediate response and quick access. We pride ourselves on our product selection, expertise, customer service and technical support.