ALVI Programmable Data Logger

ALVI Programmable Data Logger

ALVI India in association with ALVI Australia takes pride to offer ALVI-Programmable Data Logger.

Our Vision is to become  the best Gas Alarm Sensor and Complete  Industrial Automation Service provider company in India .


A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Data Logger 

A PLC is essentially a central processing unit containing a program, which is connected to input and output devices. The program controls the PLC so that when an input signal from an input device turns on, the appropriate response is made. The response normally involves turning on an output signal to some sort of output device. The input devices could be sensors, switches or keypads, or any other device that can produce a signal compatible with the PLC. Typical PLC outputs are discrete voltage, analog signals, and relay contacts, to name only a few.

Further control capability is realized via internal counters, timers, math processors, and various specialized add-on modules.

  • MSR Germany Gas Leak Sensors Transmitter
  • Operator Interface

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