MSR Benzene Gas Monitoring Sensor Transmitter

MSR Benzene Gas Monitoring Sensor Transmitter

ALVI– India (  in association with Gas Alarm Systems – Australia ( take pride to offer MSR Germany Benzene gas alarm sensor.

Benzene is a major industrial component that is widely used to manufacture products ranging from plastics, pesticides and pharmaceuticals. Major industries where Benzene is used include:

  • Petroleum (Oil Refineries)
  • Coke and Coal manufacturing
  • Rubber tire manufacturing
  • Storage Tank Farms
  • Transportation service (Ships, tanker trucks, etc.)
  • Laboratories
  • Chemical manufacturing

Such industries emit Benzene that leads to widespread environmental and occupational safety risks. Benzene is highly volatile, and exposure occurs mostly through inhalation. Human exposure to benzene has been associated with a range of acute and long-term adverse health effects and diseases. Benzene is a suspected toxicant to numerous systems critical to life that includes Cardiovascular, Endocrine, Gastrointestinal, Immunological, Neurological and Respiratory

It is therefore important to prevent exposures of employees to Benzene.

GasAlarm Systems India/ Australia offers a solution for measuring Benzene in the environments where it could be present. Please click here for the range of products we have for monitoring Benzene that protects the health and safety of the workers.