Biogas Analysis System (Continuous Monitoring) Sensor

Biogas Analysis System (Continuous Monitoring) Sensor

ALVI  Automation – India (  in association with Gas Alarm Systems – Australia ( offer Land-Fill, Waste Dump Sites, Coal Seam Gas, Bio-Gas, Methane Drainage.

Project / Application Details:

Land Fill Gas Analyser system was designed, engineered, assembled, supplied, tested, and commissioned by joint
association of GasAlarm-Australia, GasAlarm-India
Project Details:
• Project Site: Waste Land Fill Dump site, Gazipur, Near Delhi, India
• Site Owners: New Delhi Municipal Corporation, Gas Authority of India Ltd (GAIL)
Customer: UPL Environmental Services, India
• Project Scope (Application): to design, engineer, develop, assemble, test, supply, commission, support (on

Continuous analysis of Gas Stream coming out from the land fill site for CH4 (0-100% Vol), CO2
(o-100 % Vol CO2), H2S (0-500 ppm H2S), O2 (0-25 % Vol)
All gas sampling system, purging system, sampling pump etc
Gas Controller to display concentration, generate alarms, relay outputs etc for gas flaring or gas
turbine operation to generate electricity
GasAlarm Systems supplied the complete systems based on the field proven Dual Bean Infra-Red system
consisting of:
Gas Analysis / Sample conditioning system cabinet
Gas Controller MGC-04 (They have now requested for 1 x EP module for taking their 4 x analogue
outputs to their SCADA system)

Note: Phase-2 will be for the main land fill site where they will use again the GasAlarm Landfill Gas
Analyser system with gas turbines to generate electrify
System Features:
• Continuous sampling/monitoring of gaseous stream
• Gas Sampling system with integral sampling pump complete with dust filters, water catch pots
• Dual Bean Infra-Red Gas Analysers for Methane, CH4 (0-100% Vol), Carbon-Dioxide, CO2 (0-100% Vol)
• Highly selective, sensitive, long life, poison stable electro-chemical H2S, O2 continuous monitoring
• Concentration display, alarm generation, flare ignition, PLC/SCADA interface via MGC-04 Gas Controller
Other Applications:
• Coal Seam Gas Analysis
• Bio-Gas Analysis
• Oil/Gas Rig Gas Analysis