Capacitance Type Liquid Level Transmitter, Monitor

Capacitance Type Liquid Level Transmitter, Monitor

ALVI Automation Gas alarm System India offer Fischer Mess UndRegeltechnik’s capacitance type level transmitter for continuous level monitoring of liquid media:

  • Water
  • Waste water
  • Diesel, petrol, hydrocarbon, kerosene
  • Fire fighting foam
  • Conductive liquids
  • Non-conductive liquids


  • Capacitance sensing technique
  • Level measuring range: 400 – 2000 mm (other ranges available against special order)
  • Operating temperature: max. 80 deg cel
  • IP67 protection
  • Output: analog, 4-20mA, 0-10V, continuous linear
  • Material: Plastic
  • Media contact: Stainless steel 1.4404, ECTFE, shrinking plastic tube (polyolefine)
  • Approval: EC type-approval acc. to 72/245/EEC, 95/54/EC, Type-approval No. e13*72/245*95/54*2182*00
  • Built-in electronic signal conversion
  • Very easy level setting

Application area:

  • Diesel tank, underground tank
  • Water tank
  • sewage tank, marine, naval application
  • foam tank
  • chemical liquid tanks
  • waste water tank, reservoir
  • water treatment facility


The NC56 Capacitive Level Sensor is installed vertically downward at the top of the vessel in which liquid level is to be measured. It is fitted into a G1¼-F threaded socket, located as close as possible to the center of the tank. The lower ends of the rods must be at least 10 mm above the tank bottom to avoid contact with any sludge that may be present. The electrode rods can be cut at site to a shorter length, if required, but must be of equal length.