Car Parking CO Gas Monitoring and Fan Control Systems

Car Parking CO Gas Monitoring and Fan Control Systems

When it comes to Carbon Monoxide Detection in Car Parking CO Gas Monitoring and fan control Systems, Our  European Standard  MSR CO GAS-CO-300-D Sensor Transmitter has great demands in the global market.

Now available with a special  promotional discounted price for the Indian market with the following details :

Ideal for :
Parking area, garages, chiller rooms, and heating, as well as dusty & humid area like pharmaceuticals, coal mine, conveyor belt, cement plant, thermal power plants, flour mills,
powder industries.

Key Points:- 

  • Carbon Monoxide with enhanced CO radical detection capability
  • Very early smoldering fire and smoke detection.
  • VEFSA system (very early fire and smoke alarm)


  • Sensor Model Available in Stock: – GAS-CO-300-D
  • Measuring Gas: Carbon Monoxide, Enhanced CO + radicals Detection.
  •  Sensor element (cell):- Electrochemical Diffusion, Electrolyte type Gel-based (no leak, no membrane rapture, no orientation problem & no false alarm)
  •  Measuring Range: – 0-300 ppm (Standard)
  • Connection: – Two and Three-wire sensor
  • Response time T90:-  ≤ 30 Sec
  • Warm-up time (First Time):- ≤ 3 Min.
  • Protection Class Available in: IP65 (Flameproof and weatherproof )
  • Stability & resolution: – ± 3 ppm
  • Sensor life expectancy:- ≥ 6 years (Site Feedback ≥ 12 Years  )
  • Calibration Interval: 1 Year.
  • Sensor Coverage Area: – 700 m2 to 935m2, ideal condition.
  • Humidity non-condensing : 15-90% RH
  • Working temperature:–10°C to 50°C
  • Power supply:-  18 – 28 VDC ( Overload protected)
  • Analog output signal:- Standard: 4-20 mA Linear Output, also available in 2-10VDC
  • Flammability: – UL 94: V2
  • Warranty: 12 Month only on manufacturing defects
  • Guidelines Approval:  CE/ UL Enclosure.