Carbon monoxide monitoring & control system for parking ventilation

Carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide monitoring & control system for parking ventilation

 Carbon monoxide and Very early smoke & fire sensor (VEFSA) transmitter

(Better monitor CO and CO+ which will solve the purpose of fire & Smoke monitoring as well as CO monitoring)


  • Should be capable of detection, measurement and monitoring of carbon monoxide and Carbon monoxide gas radicals
  • Should have Electro-chemical type sensor cell
  • Should have Gel based Electrolyte in the sensor cell
  • Should have 0-300ppm measuring range, taking care over-rangenge detection.
  • Should have high accuracy, high repeatability , high reliability
  • Should have a coverage area of 700-750 m2
  • Should a be 2-wire loop powered connection for power supply and signal output.
  • Should analog output: 4-20mA (standard), 2-10V (3-wire loop) (optional)
  • Should have linear, proportional
  • Should have low response time: T90 < 50 sec
  • Should have accuracy of ≤ 3% of measuring range.
  • Should have low warm up time, ≤ 3 mins
  • Should have Low voltage operation: 24V AC / DC
  • Should have low power consumption: 22 mA, max. (0.6 VA)
  • Should not be cross-sensitive to gases like SO2, acetone, ammonia, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Nitric oxide.
  • Should be wall mountable without need of further mounting brackets etc.
  • Should have plug-in, easy replaceable sensor cell (simple push – pull arrangement) and PCB for easy service and replacement (no need to change the whole unit)
  • Should have auto recovery to zero point
  • Should have life expectancy of > 5 years, replaceable sensor cell
  • Should capable of mounting in any direction, with no effect on performance, output and life of these sensors (no orientation problems)
  • Should have poisoning protection, against background gases, lead vapours, dust etc
  • Should have overflooding protection
  • Should have reverse polarity and short circuit protection
  • Should have manual trimpot calibration facility, with annual calibration frequency
  • Should capable for field calibration
  • Should have atleast IP44 protected housing, with the provision of dust and moisture protection with hydrophobic filter arrangement.
  • Should have fast response time
  • Should have IMMUNITY TO RF/FM INTERFERENCE as per the guidelines of EMC- Directive 2004/ 108/ EEC, CE
  • Should have enclosure flammability in accordance to UL 94: VO

Central monitoring cum control system:

  • Should be based on PLC or microprocessor based system with pre-defined logic retention capacity.
  • Should have LCD or LED Display
  • Should be able to expand analog input channel with help of slave or expansion module. No need to replace or change whole monitoring system
  • should have free configurable set points at every channel input
  • Should have facility to temporary disable any channel with key press or control device, for maintenance mode etc.
  • Should have sufficient potential free (230VAC, 5A) relays. Should able to expand number of relays with help of slave / expansion modules.
  • Relays should be capable of soft program, with one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one configuration with any channel set-points.
  • Should be provided with contactor arrangement for operation, protection of exhaust fans, etc
  • Should have overload protection arrangement
  • Should have fault LED
  • Auto-diagnostic watchdog with built in error code, fault LED indication informing about the type of system error/fault
  • Should have password for protection against any un-authorised system access.
  • Simple English Menu driven (system error, status alarm, status relay, MP parameter etc)
  • Configurable relay parameters: energized, de-energized, latching, non-latching
  • Should have provision / option for BMS integration via digital network.

Control & warning logic: 

CO concentration Action
0-35 ppm No action. Display readout
>35ppm Start fresh air & exhaust system (to reduce gas concentration) (lower speed)
> 60ppm Start fresh air & exhaust system (higher speed)


Control & warning logic: (with CO and CO+ monitoring for CO, fire and smoke )

CO concentration Action
0-35 ppm No action. Display readout
>35ppm Start fresh air & exhaust system (to reduce gas concentration) (lower speed)
> 60ppm Start fresh air & exhaust system (higher speed)
>200ppm Send signals to fire alarm system and stop fresh air system

Click here to download CO, Co+ datasheet

Click here to download controller datasheet

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