Carbon Monoxide Sensor Transmitter – Gas-CO-300-X

Carbon Monoxide Sensor Transmitter

We  ALVI Automation India Private Limited in association with  GasAlarm Systems  company based in Sydney, Australia ( specialising in gas detection & monitoring solutions feel pleased to introduce our new and and best reliable product  Carbon Monoxide Sensor Transmitter  GAS-CO-300-X

Introducing the GasAlarm Systems GAS-CO-300-X

Most cost optimum sensor transmitter  for carbon monoxide – application in car park ventilation fan control systems, coal mining , coal handling plant, coal washeries , boilers , steel plants, pharmaceutical anywhere gas and coal combustion takes place – best very early fire detection due to gas radicals detection – smouldering fires.

Specifications in Detail:

  • 24VDC power with 4-20mA output (current loop)
  • 0-300PPM Carbon Monoxide measuring range
  • Long Life – ≥ 6 years (Life Expected  ≥  10 years)
  • High Accuracy –  ± 3ppm
  • Wiring – 2 wire system (reduce wire cost)
  • Onboard potentiometer for “zero” adjustment
  • Onboard potentiometer for “gain/span” adjustment
  • Multimeter connections for measurement during calibration
  • With “D” enclosure option, rated at IP65
  • With “F” enclosure option, rated at IP44
  • Calibration Interval – 12 Months
  • Easy to use with low maintenance  cost .

For more technical datasheet please click Here –  Datasheet