CO Carbon Monoxide Pollution, Emission, Monitor SPC for EPA, Pollution control board Requirements, also for car parking ventilation system.

ALVI AUtomation India, in association with Gas Alarm Systems Australia, introduce tested, trusted MSR Germany SPC-03-1110 Carbon monoxide, CO Stand alone pollution continuous monitor to meet statutory compliance of EPA, pollution control board requirements.

Steel plants, Coke Oven plants, Coal Processing plants, Blast Furnace, all need CO carbon monoxide monitoring system to ensure CO pollution, emission requirements for statutory compliance.

MSR SPC-03-1110 CO continuous monitoring system  is standalone system built in integral CO sensor cell which can monitor pollution, emission in the range of 0-300 ppm carbon monoxide.

Continuous monitoring
Integrated CO, Carbon monoxide gas sensor,  0-300 ppm.
Good resistance to poisoning
Long life expectancy
Modular design (plug-in, plugout technology both for sensor and PCB)
with display/LED/keyboard and internal buzzer
Reverse polarity protected, overload-proof and short-circuit-proof
(0) 4 – 20 mA / (0) 2 – 10V analog signal output
2 x relay outputs 30 VAC/DC, 0.5 A
2 x binary output, 30 VDC¸ 0.05 A
4 – 20 mA input for external transmitter
Poly carbonate, rugged impact resistance, glass fibre reinforced, UV protected, Outdoor housing versions IP65.