CO Detector – Perfect CO Detector For Car Park Ventilation & Fan Control

Carbon Monoxide Sensor Transmitter

CO Detector – Perfect CO Detector For Car Park Ventilation & Fan Control

We  ALVI Automation India Private Limited in association with  GasAlarm Systems  Australia ( and MSR Germany, specializing in gas detection & monitoring solutions feel pleased to say that we had done lots of successful car park ventilation system projects  all over India as well as in  Australia, Newziland, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Canada, UAE, and many more countries and found our Carbon Monoxide Sensor Transmitter  GAS-CO-300-D and MSR CO Sensor Transmitter  MA-0-1110-F-B is the best energy saving, accurate, fast responsive, long life and  economical in cost compared to the other brands present in market .

Introducing the GasAlarm Systems GAS-CO-300-D

Most cost optimum sensor transmitter for carbon monoxide – application in car park ventilation fan control, coal mining, coal handling plant, coal washeries, boilers, steel plants, pharmaceutical anywhere gas and coal combustion take place – best very early fire detection due to gas radicals detection – smoldering fires.


Specifications in Detail:

  • 24VDC power with 4-20mA output (current loop)
  • 0-300PPM Carbon Monoxide measuring range
  • Long Life – ≥ 6 years (Life Expected  ≥  10 years)
  • High Accuracy –  ± 3ppm
  • Wiring – 2 wire system (reduce wire cost)
  • Onboard potentiometer for “zero” adjustment
  • Onboard potentiometer for “gain/span” adjustment
  • Multimeter connections for measurement during calibration
  • With “D” enclosure option, rated at IP65
  • Calibration Interval – 12 Months
  • Easy to use with low maintenance cost.

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