CO2+Temperature and Humidity Detection and Monitoring(Model: GAS-CO2-002-CDR Series)

Gas Alarm Systems( Australia in association with Gas alarm systems India ( are pleased to introduce CO2+Temperature and Humidity Detection and Monitoring

Key Features : 
  •  Real time carbon dioxide detection and monitoring
  •  Temperature and humidity detection and display
  •  Three-color backlit LCD
  •  Provide 1xon/off output to control a ventilator Wall mounting
  • CE-approval

Features :
  • Design for real time monitoring room carbon dioxide level
  • NDIR infrared CO2 sensor inside with special Self Calibration System. It makes the CO2 measurement more accurate and more reliable in use
  •  More than 10 years lifetime of CO2 sensor
  •  Temperature and humidity monitoring only
  •  Three-color (green/yellow/red) LCD backlit indicating ventilation optimal/moderate/poor based on the CO2 measurement
  • Backlit colour switches depending on CO2 reading
  •  Manual on/off or auto operation
  •  Includes 1xrelay output to control a ventilator
  •  Easy touch button for operation
  •  Optional RS–485 communication interface, 15 KV antistatic protection, individual IP address
  •  240VAC or 24VAC/VDC power option
  •  EU standard and CE-approval
Application :

New GAS-CO2-002-CDR monitor/alarm is used to monitoring room CO2 level, as well as room temperature and humidity. It provides one on/off output to control a ventilator with four CO2 levels presets. It has a 3 colour backlit display, which changes depending on the CO2 level. RS485 communication interface optional to connect with a PC or other control systems.

  • Hotel, exhibition hall, hospital, shop, restaurant, airport, train station, theater and other public places
  •  House, villa, office, meeting room, classroom and other rooms
  •  All ventilation systems