Defence CAMP/TENT Protection System For Rapid Deployment Force

Defence CAMP/TENT Protection System For Rapid Deployment Force

Gas Alarm Systems India( in association with Gas Alarm Systems Australia ( offer MSR Germany Electronics Defence CAMP/TENT Protection System: For Rapid Deployment Force

Chemical, biological, Explosive Gases Terrorism Gas Threats Very Early Fire Detection Toxic Gas Fumes from bombs, missiles Air Quality in bunkers, shelters Energy Saving / Carbon Credit
Suitable for:
· Rapid Equipping Force in Forward Operating Bases
· Team Putting TENT System / ventilation system

Base camps and other forward deployed operating bases are highly vulnerable to both conventional and asymmetric/terrorist attacks. The frequency of attacks against Allied Forces during Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom indicate that current and future force deployments face an increased probability of such attacks.

The high casualty rates and disruption to operations emphasize the need for enhanced protection of deployed Allied Forces and other peace keeping operations. Conventional security measures provide little or no protection
from improvised lethal attacks. Previous attacks have exposed various weak points and shortcomings in current systems of Camp Protection.

Sensor Platform X (WSB2-X) is a module based software platform for sensor integration, data analysis, alert detection and alert response handling. It provides an automated surveillance system that monitors different kinds of sensors, performs sensor analysis and notifies and aids users in response to critical situations. WSB2-X is a unified management platform providing the customer with a customizable and easy scalable solution to collect physical
security sub-systems into one easy-to-manage system.

Its ability to integrate and manage third-party systems suits the needs of Military Camp Operations by consolidating information from various sources and presenting it in a way that is clear and draws an operator’s attention to the most critical information.

Our main focus areas are listed below, but through our partners we can expand the delivery to fit the customer’s requirements Our strategic partners (Australia, Germany) deliver products, systems and services such as:

• Video and camera technology
• Sensors for detection of Intrusion
• Dangerous material: gas, fire,
• Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear & explosives ( CBRNE)
• Tremor: earthquake, explosions, movement, etc
• Telecommunications equipment and infrastructure of Wireless, mobile
• Radar, satellite
• UHF, sonar
• In order to detect fire and intrusion, we offer complete sets for each tent, containing the following: PolyGard CO2 + VOC Analog/Digital Transmitter and PolyGard CO Transmitter, magnet for intrusion,
communication, bracket for mounting, siren and a central software control unit.
• All with support and guarantee. Risk Areas: (Addressing SAFETY, SECURITY, TERRORISM GAS THREATS, IAQ, ENERGY SAVING, GREEN
HOUSE SAVING, CARBON CREDIT): Monitoring of toxic CO (products of combustion gases) for:

• CO + Early fire detection in tents (Products of combustion gas radicals are the first and earliest sign of detecting smouldering fires – by the time smoke is detected – it is already too late)
• CO – vehicle exhaust from Army tanks, armoured vehicles, trucks etc (There is always the possibility of CO, getting sucked in via the fresh air ventilation intake fan – CO which is highly toxic, with TWA of 30 ppm is also considered to be a silent killer) Monitoring of CO2/VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
• This innovative CO2/VOC Sensor monitors for Indoor Air Quality inside the army tents/barracks and controls the ventilation fans only when required (Energy/green house gas saving)
• CO2 may be produced during breathing, or by complete combustion of vehicles/nearby fires/ and may be sucked by the ventilation intake fan
• VOC: Volatile Organic Compound: Many toxic threats, terrorism gas threats, explosive gases, hydrocarbon gases, solvents can be detected by this sensor·

• RADIO TELEMETRY (ELPRO): All this data is transmitted over remote telemetry via ELPRO RTU (Radio Based) to a central monitoring station
AVOID Disaster like HMAS Westralia in AWD design:
• The 1998 diesel vapour fire in HMAS Westralia, generated deadly toxic carbon monoxide which resulted in the loss of life of naval personals.
• Gas Alarm System India (a div of ALVI Technologies Pty Ltd) is involved in the design, engineering, system integration, supply of gas detection, monitoring, alarm and control systems for use by defence forces (Navy, Air-force, Army). We have developed our safeTsentry which could monitor
diesel/fuel vapours and generate alarms before LEL levels could reach
AVOID Disaster like HMS Sheffield in AWD design:
• In 1982 Falklands war HMS Sheffield and HMS Antelope had a disaster due to an un-exploded bomb and Exocet Missile – toxic fumes were sucked through the ventilation system and thereby creating disaster
• Solution: VEFSA : Very Early Fire and Safety Alarm, installed in the ventilation air duct can reduce this potential disaster by shutting off the fresh air intake having toxic fumes.

difence system

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