Digital Differential Pressure Transmitter / Switch with 3½ digit LED display

Digital Differential Pressure Transmitter / Switch with 3½ digit LED display

We are pleased to offer Digital Differential Pressure Transmitter / Switch with 3½ digit LED display and pleased to inform you that all these product support and application support brought to you by ALVI Technologies – Sydney, Australia and ALVI Automation  Jaipur – India.

  • Display and switching device for measurement of differential pressures with mainly neutral liquid and gaseous media.
    Areas of Application:
  •  Filling level measuring technology for technical gases
    Design and Mode of Operation.
  • For monitoring the status of cryogenic gases like Helium, Nitrogen, Oxygen, FISCHER Differential Pressure Transmitter finds wide application
  • Do you have gas mixing system why not use FISCHER DE58 for monitoring the mixing ratios
  • Yet another application of FISCHER DE58 Differential Pressure Transmitter for Marine Gas, Oil Bulk Carriers
  • FISCHER DB58 also used widely in welding, LASER cutting, Metal Fabrication, Gas Blanketing, Cutting and purging machines and applications

Main Features
• Robust and resistant to overpressure
• Maintenance-free through wear-free inductive pickup
• Switchable pressure units
• Optional signal output with possibility of charac-teristic curve spread and reversal with any off-set
• Characteristic curve implementation via table with max. 30 measuring points
• Complete adjustment of all parameters and measuring point protocol possible through op-tional PC adaptor EU03
Typical applications
• Filling level monitoring of tank containers for liquefied technical gases (N2, O2, Ar and CO2).
• Filling level monitoring of mini tank systems.

Design and Mode of Operation

The device is based on a robust and durable diaphragm measuring unit that is suitable for measuring overpressure, underpressure and differential pressure. The pressures to be compared have an effect on a spring mounted measuring diaphragm. In case of equal pressure, the measuring diaphragm is in its idle state. In case of pressure difference, the force acting on the measuring diaphragm causes it to be moved towards the side of the lower pressure until the spring forces compensate this force. This movement is transferred via a tappet into the core of the inductive displacement sensor. The linear movement of the core is proportional to the applied differential pressure. The electronics integrated into the device evaluate this movement and transform it into signals on the display, switch contacts and an optional output signal.

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