Early Fire Warning Sensor-in Electrical Switch Rooms, Sub-Station, Electrical Panels

Early Fire Warning Sensor-in Electrical Switch Rooms, Sub-Station, Electrical Panels

ALVI India in association with ALVI Australia and MSR Germany feel honour to published Very Early Fire Warning Sensor for Electrical Switch Rooms, Sub-Station, Electrical Panels in India to stop the hazardous incident takes place due to electrical short circuit.

Server rooms VEFSA – Early Fire Warning Early Fire Warning before breakdown.
Switch Gear Rooms Electrical Panels Mission Critical Asset Safety / OH&S
On overheating of electrical or electronics cabinets, switchgear, cables (due to short circuit, earth leakage hot,spots, over-load, under-rated design) host of mixed gases like HCl, CO, CO2, and other solvents/vapours are
generated much before smoke. Our Mixed Gas Sensors can pick-up these host of mixed gases generated on overheating
of these electrical items, electronic items. Further PVC wires/cables give HCl, smouldering electrical fires in
transformers, cables give CO, CO2 (products of combustion gases).

Electrical Switch Rooms, Sub-Station, Electrical Panels, Computer Rooms, Telecommunication Centres use host of
electronic components, electrical parts, coolant, PCB lacquers, Polymers, PCB Varnish, conformal coat, lead, PVC

Insulated Cu-Wires, Urethane, Silicone – all of these give host of toxic and combustible gases during early stages
of heating (prior to smoking or catching fire). MSR Germany PolyGard Gas Alarm can monitor for host of these
toxic / flammable gases (generated during excessive heat – prior to smoke or flame) and generate alarm or control
the ventilation fans. The Electrical Manager can investigate the matter and take corrective measures. Thereby
prevent catastrophic breakdown of mission critical assets.

Gas Alarm India  can offer you the following for Early Fire Warning:

· Mixed Gas (Broad Spectrum) Alarm – Wall or Duct Mount: Very early sign of fire is Mixed Gases and
gas radicals which are produced much before smoke, flame. Conventional Fire Detection products like Air
Aspirated Analyser, Smoke Sensors, Flame Detectors can only detect smoke – by the time it is too late

· VEFSA (Wall or Duct Mount): Very Early Fire & Safety Alarm for monitoring products of combustion (CO)
to warn “Early Stages of Fire” (by the time smoke is generated it is already too late). Recommended to
install in the return ventilation duct along with VESDA / Smoke Alarm

· HCL Leak Alarm: PVC cables when heated gives Hydrogen Chloride vapour. Early detection of this HCl
vapour can prevent electrical cable fire due to short circuit, earth leakage, over current flow etc.