Fire Protection System By Frakta/Joventa GmbH

Fire Protection System By Frakta/Joventa GmbH

ALVI AUTOMATION present to you a revolution product by Frakta/Joventa GmbH.

Frakta Logo

  • The company Frakta Vertriebs GmbH based in Rohrdorf ( in Nagold ) is a family.
  • We are your specialist when it comes to easy – to use systems and applications for fire protection and smoke extraction in buildings
  • Our motto «Building a Safer Tomorrow» motivated us, offer our customers the easiest, safest, most flexible and tailored to their project solution

The philosophy FRAKTA

  • Easy, easy, easy!
  • For everybody who is working with our systems!
  • Open and flexible
  • Our products are based on standard protocols (BACnet / Modbus)
  • Thanks to our modular product range can we offer complete system solution or
  • The products can be combined or integrated with/in any third-party manufacturers. Frakta provides the necessary information on request
  • Modern and Up to Date
  • Our solutions comply with the latest technology standards
  • Commissioning is simple and the user interface ( MMI ) intuitively

Our Goal

  • Lowest total cost of the installed system (lowest total installed costs!)
  • planning
  • installation and commissioning
  • operation
  • Elimination of possible error sources at planning, installation, commissioning and maintenance
  • Simplify and speed up the work needed throughout the whole project process

FRAKTA System for  Fire & Smoke Extraction Dampers

Customer Requirements

  • System
  • Specification / Subscription
  • Handling
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Clear display / MMI
  • Test run possibilities
  • Logging and reporting
  • Maintenance
  • Verification of each project step
  • High flexibility
  • Completion of components also during installation possible
  • Simple upgrade
  • Cost efficient
  • For new projects and retrofit jobs
  • Use of standard communication protocols

Market Requirements

Controls Companies:

  • A simple implementation in a BMS or a Fire Alarm Systems
  • The autonomous operation for the F&S application
  • Visualization of all F&S dampers and devices possible
  • Standard interfaces
  • Standard reporting

Implementation / Allocation FRAKTA Solutions


Advantages FRAKTA Systems

  • Easy integration into building automation system through standard interfaces
  • No gateways or additional integrated protocols needed
  • Clearly defined field of responsibility
  • Easy planning and subscription
  • Less wiring effort, reduction in wiring mistakes and reduction of fire load
  • Full transparency of all installed devices
  • Much less space in controls cabinet needed if any
  • Easy extendable
  • All-inclusive package for the application
  • Use of pre-programmed and tested controllers
  • No license fees

System Layouts Fire Safety and / or  Smoke Extraction Application



Summary Solutions by FRAKTA

  • Universal Solution «Fits All»
  • No matter if you have a 30 fire and/or smoke extraction dampers or 200 and more with the FRAKTA solution we can offer you great flexibility
  • Our solution can be connected to all F&S actuators available in the market (e.g. Joventa, Belimo, Gruner, Siemens etc.)
  • The pre-programmed applications in the M200 / M60 controllers are unique and do not exist to this extent in the market
  • Modular solution based on standard protocols
  • We offer an open platform based on Modbus or BACnet.
  • Regardless if you want to have the M200 or M60 controller or the field controllers FC24 or UFC devices and integrate them into one of your controllers – we supply you with all necessary information regarding interfaces etc.
  • The system M60 can be used for the fire or smoke extraction application. Configuration via dip switch.
    System M200 for fire application.
  • The Systems M60 / M200 can be integrated into any Modbus or BACnet controller
  • Increase your added value
  • Universal System Link between fire or smoke extraction dampers and any Modbus or BACnet system or analog control – all in one product!
  • Easy to choose – one product for (almost) all applications
  • reduce the variety of products in stock
  • Remarkable saving potential

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