FISCHER – DA30: Differential Pressure Guage, Rugged Diaphragm type

DA30 measures and indicates pressure and differential pressure. It is suitable to work with gaseous and liquid media not affecting the materials used. Electrical and electronic accessory components (KE..) enable limiting of signal and transmitting of measurement.


  • Measuring system in rugged design
  • Over-pressure proof up to nominal pressure
  • Slow-action and magnetic snap-action contacts
  • Inductive contacts (NAMUR)
  • Azimuth transmitter
  • Options: limit signaling contacts, pointer rotation transducer, liquid filling
  • Measuring range: 0….160 mbar to 0…1.6 bar
  • Nominal Pressure: 40 bar
  • Operating temperature: Ambient: -20 deg C to +80 deg C, Medium: +80 deg C, maximum
  • Protection class: IP65 per DIN EN 60529


  • Water treatment
  • Level measurement
  • Filter techniques
  • Flow measurement