Fischer -Differential Pressure Gauge

Fischer -Differential Pressure Gauge

ALVI  Automation  – India (  in association with Gas Alarm Systems – Australia ( offer MSR Germany Fischer -Differential Pressure Gauge DA – 03

Often ignored, however a Differential Pressure Gauge plays a major role in influencing the process efficiency.


A differential pressure gauge indicates the difference between two pressure points within a process system.It is widely used in process industry for filtration, flow and level monitoring. It is often overlooked, however the fact is, expensive equipment and processes can be easily protected by low cost differential pressure gauge.


Indicating differential pressure on a easy-to read dial not only reduces confusion and errors but also reduces maintenance time.


Our DA03 gauge is suitable for corrosive environments in chemical, process, pharmaceutical, marine and off-shore applications. It can measure ranges from 0-40 mbar to 0-25 bar. It comes with an enclosure protection up to IP 65 and rugged and wear resistant mechanism. For operating conditions involving vibration, pressure fluctuations, and/or moisture condensation inside, the gauge can be supplied with glycerine filling. DA03 gauge helps in minimising operator error, improving process efficiency and protecting expensive equipment . DA03 is simple to use and is  much less invasive and therefore less costly and needs a very minimum maintenance.


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