FISCHER – FT61 – Temperature and Humidity Sensor

FISCHER – FT61 – Temperature and Humidity Sensor

FISCHER FT61 New long-term stable temperature and humidity sensor with LCD for non-aggressive gaseous media

The digital humidity and temperature device is ideally suited for measuring moisture and temperature of non-aggressive gaseous media. For the monitoring process, the sensor unit can be used separately or integrated in a clean room panel.

The measuring device comprises a display unit and a sensor, which transfers the measured data via I²C bus to the display. Both units can be displayed at the same time or alternatively. The measuring ranges for humidity are between 0…100 % r.F ± 3 % and for temperature between: -40…100°C, ± 0.5°C.

The standard signals 0…10 V, 0… 20 mA und 4…20 mA are available for the analogue outputs.


Key Features:

  • Capacitive humidity sensor
  • Electronic temperature sensor
  • Long-term stable without calibration
  • High repeatability
  • LC display with colour change of backlighting as clean room signal light user prompt in clear text, in-situ calibration or adjustment, integrated control unit / zeroing and setting without PC
  • Password-protected
  • Industry standard analogue output
  • Rugged and constant sensor type out of VA (stainless steel) material
  • Protection IP65 standard housing.

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