Fixed Gas Detection Systems for Petrochemical Industry

Fixed Gas Detection Systems for Petrochemical Industry

Fixed Gas Detection Systems for Petrochemical Industry

It is mandatory norms to use Fixed Gas Detection Systems for Petrochemical Industry for  Safe protection against CH4 / C5H12 / C3H8 / H2S / O2 / CO / NH3/H2/LPG gas leakage.

We do recommend Plant manager, EHS, and maintenance department install quality  sensor transmitters in their plant because it is a matter of critical life and plant safety.

In the chemical and petrochemical industry, permanent monitoring of rooms and plants in which explosive or toxic atmospheres can form is required.

Personal protection requires the monitoring of hazardous gases in accessible areas, on the one hand to prevent accidents, thus guarantee the health and safety of employees & Plant.

In addition, MSR Electronic offers solutions of Fixed Gas Detection & control monitoring Systems for Petrochemical Industry for the protection of your plant against such unwanted gas leakage accident and the financial loss.

Furthermore, process safety can be further optimized with quality gas detectors from MSR-Electronic.

Our Fixed Gas Detection Systems for Petrochemical Industry have following key features and approvals which enhance our product demands in the world’s petrochemical industries :

  • Continuous self-monitoring• Microprocessor with 12-bit converter resolution
  • • ATEX and IECEx certificates MSR-Electronic for electrical Ex protection
    • Approved Measuring Function for the Explosion Protection
    • SIL2 safety functions 4–20 mA, RS-485 and relay
    • MED Certificate and TA Certificate: Approval according to Marine       Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU by DNV
    • Enclosure: additional FM and CSA certificates for Class I, Div. 1
    • Calibration service by exchanging the sensor head
    • Alarm and fault signal relay
    • LCD display with status LEDs (optional)
    • IP66 protection with SplashGuard accessories (optional, see data sheet Accessories)

Thus we recommend/ request #IOCL, #BPCL #HPCL #RPL #GAIL #Haldia #Manali #DCW #Savita #thinkgas petrochemical authorities to consider quality Fixed Gas Detection & Control monitoring Systems for their Petrochemical Industry in India too.

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