Gas Alarm Biogas Analyzer and Landfill Gas Analyzer

Gas Alarm Biogas Analyzer and Landfill Gas Analyzer

Landfill Gas Analyzers & Biogas Analyzers

ALVI Automation India ( in association with Gas alarm systems, Australia ( are  pleased to offer Biogas Analyzer & Landfill gas Analyzer.

Analytical industry terminology frequently separates biogas and landfill applications into two different categories even though the gas itself is similar. Landfill sites have diversified waste input streams which seem to have an averaging effect on the gas composition from site to site.

The gas can be quite aggressive and corrosive. But from a gas analyzer perspective, landfill applications are generally predictable and consistent enough to allow standard analytical equipment to be specified.


Biogas applications may have gas that is produced from uniform feedstocks utilizing specific plant designs. For example, a palm oil facility will likely have only agricultural waste originating from a palm oil plantation. This means that the produced gas may be more characterized. It is therefore wise to obtain an analysis of gas composition and conditions before specifying permanent analytical equipment. Biogas applications also frequently have multiple sample points or other requirements that need to be addressed.

Gas Production

Biogas results from the metabolic activity of microorganisms on organic matter. Landfill gas is a type of biogas that originates from the decomposition of organic waste in a landfill. Biogas production is not isolated to landfill waste only. Any organic waste may be decomposed in the absence of oxygen to produce biogas. Agricultural waste and the effluent from wastewater treatment plants are frequently utilized as sources of biogas.

This process, called anaerobic digestion, produces primarily methane and carbon dioxide. Several other gases are also produced such as nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and others. Anaerobic digestion is a multi-stage process comprised of different microbes and chemical reactions.