Gas Detection Sensor for Swimming Pools

Gas Detection Sensor for Swimming Pools

ALVI – India (  in association with Gas Alarm Systems – Australia ( take pride to offer Gas Detection Sensor for Swimming Pools.

Installing a proper Gas Detectors  in Swimming Pools is of much importance. Here’s the reason why.

To treat the pool water, various methods and gases are used in disinfectant process. Some of the gases are listed as below:

  • Chlorine: Widely used in disinfection of water.
  • Carbon Dioxide: Carbon Dioxide is pumped into many swimming pools water to maintain the pH within the certain range.
  • Ozone: It is widely used in water industry for water purifications, however it’s now also used in swimming pool maintenance to disinfect and kill allergens etc.
  • Natural Gas (Methane, CH4): Natural Gas  (CH4) along with solar Energy is widely used in the swimming pools and Spas to warm the water to comfortable temperature
  • Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)/ Sulphur Dioxide (SO2):Spring Water Based Spas and Swimming pools often use hot sulphur spring water that can produce a very high concentration of H2S or SO2.

All these gases are toxic and flammable and if not maintained at a correct concentration, the consequences can be fatal.

It is always advisable to install a suitable Gas Detectors in Swimming Pools at an appropriate location to keep the concentrations of these toxic and flammable gases to a desired level. GasAlarm has a solution to all your needs for Gas Detectors in swimming pools

A typical Gas Alarm System to monitor for Toxic and Flammables gases like CO2, Cl2, Ozone, H2S, SO2, methane (natural Gas) consists of:

  • Wall mounted Stand Alone Gas Alarm
  • Integral gas sensor (select the gas sensing element depending on the application, like Cl2, Ozone, H2S, methane etc)
  • Built in display and keypad for alarm adjustment, concentration display
  • 2 x Relays for connecting to external audio-visual alarm or shutting off gas supply solenoid valve, or switching ON ventilation fan
  • Alarm LEDs (Lo Alarm, Hi-Alarm)
  • System Fault LED (Red LED pulsates if sensor or system fails) with auto-diagnostics
  • Integral Buzzer
  • Green LED (Operation O.K)
  • 4-20 mA, or 0-10 V Analogue output for PLC, SCADA, or Building Management System
  • 24 V AC/DC operation (optional 240 V AC operation with power supply)

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