Gas Detection Solution For The Industrial Application

Gas Detection Solution For The Industrial Application

Protection Under Extreme Condition



MSR-Electronic Protects Health and Plants Under Industrial Conditions.

In the chemical and Petrochemical Industry Permanent  Gas Monitoring and control solution of Rooms and Plants is very essential, In Which Explosive and toxic gas condition might occur in the atmosphere.

For the Protection of human beings constant monitoring of toxic and combustible gases and vapors is required, In addition, monitoring of lack of oxygen should be undertaken and oxygen surplus must be carried out.

MSR-Electronic offers a wide range of methods for detection of gases, On this basis MSR-Electronic develops individual gas sensors for industrial applications where extreme environmental conditions prevail.

Requirements for Gas Detectors

Standards and regulations in the commercial field

The products of MSR-Electronic comply with more than the general standards and regulations and can therefore guarantee the safety of the plant and human beings.

Wherever combustible or toxic substances are stored, bottled, processed or transported, the hazard potential caused by gases and vapors is particularly high. Correct planning and installation of gas detection system can, however significantly reduce the risks for humans and plants.



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