Gas Detection Systems for Hospitals

Gas Detection Systems for Hospitals

ALVI – India (  in association with Gas Alarm Systems – Australia ( take pride to offer Gas Detection systems for Hospitals and medical systems

Gas Detection in hospitals is very crucial to keep the environment healthy and risk-free.

Most of the hospitals use N2O as an anaesthetic agent. Patients treated with anaesthetics are exposed for a short while, but those who work regularly with or near anaesthetics such as surgeons, nurse and technicians, may be at risk to the long-term exposure that comes from unused fresh gases released from the anaesthetic delivery system and from waste gases exhaled by patients. Besides, any cylinder valve or line leaks can create high levels of N2O, especially within hospital cylinder storage areas. Long-term exposure to anaesthetics gradually can cause chronic effects of the respiratory, cardiovascular, reproductive, and central nervous systems. The other gas that is frequently used in hospitals is Carbon Dioxide. It is also what we exhale when we breathe.

To protect the site it is not only required to install an efficient ventilation system but to also install a gas leak detection and monitoring system for continuously monitoring of excess gases in the operating room.

PolyGard N2O/CO2 senors are used in operating theatres and areas of medical technology. Installing a system for  Gas Detection in hospitals not only  protects the site, but first and foremost they keep humans from being poisoned and alerts when a threshold is reached.

We can offer sensors, controllers and warning devices not only for hospitals, but for all medical technology areas. For further information, please contact us…