Gas Detection Systems for the Waste Management Sector

Universal Gas Controller Interfaced with Multi Sensor

Gas Detection Systems for the Waste Management Sector

We are pleased to introduce our world-class best German Technologies, Our Best Gas Detection Systems for Waste Management Sectors / Industries and Plant.

Waste Management and Waste treatment Industries produce various toxic and explosive gases such as methane, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, chlorine, ozone, etc, for all these unwanted hazardous gas it is required to use GasDetection Systems for the Waste Management Sector.

In addition, in confined spaces, the increased formation of toxic gases and the decreased concentration of oxygen make these areas particularly dangerous for workers.

The risk can be evaluated by measuring worker exposure to various gases present in the air in the working areas. The measured concentrations are then compared to the 8-hour time-weighted averages for exposure (TWA) and to recommended exposure limits for shorter time periods (less than 15 minutes).

Several technologies and Gas Detections Systems are there to detect gases present in waste treatment facilities.

For your quick reference we have :

  • We have World Class Best Electrochemical sensors which are used to monitor the presence of oxygen in the air, or the presence of other toxic gases such as CO, H2S, and Cl2 in the environment.
  • We have world-class best Semi-conductor sensors that are used to detect the concentrations of Ammonia, Ethylene in the Environment.
  • We have World Cass Best Catalytic sensors which are used for the detection of explosive gases like CH4, Hydrogen, Pentane Etc.
  • We have also Infrared sensors that are used for the detection of explosive gases such as Methane CH4 or carbon dioxide (CO2) etc.
  • We have complete solutions for the industries – GAS Detection and Control Display Alarm Systems.
  • We also provide Supply, Service, Installation, Commissioning, and Calibrations of our Supplied Systems.

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