Hazardous Gas Detection and Real Time Monitoring Sensor

Hazardous Gas Detection and Real Time Monitoring Sensor

MSR Germany has a variety of hazardous gas detectors to help you maintain a safe work environment. Choosing the proper gas monitoring equipment for the workplace is important in preventing worker exposure.

Our fixed monitoring systems and MSR controllers with remote gas monitoring sensor/transmitters utilize an array of sensor technologies allowing us to custom design a system that will provide the best solution for our customer’s gas detection requirements.

These various gas detection systems provide continuous real-time monitoring of a variety of hazardous toxic and combustible gases as well as oxygen with certifications like ATEX, SIL2 and IEC-Ex all under one roof.

Applications include industrial, commercial and manufacturing processes, oil and gas, petrochemicals, specialty chemicals, industrial refrigeration, water and wastewater treatment, plastics and fibers, pulp and printing, agriculture, medical and pharmaceutical and much more.

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