Hydrogen Gas H2 Sensor for Battery Charging Room.

Hydrogen Gas H2 Sensor for Battery Charging Room.

Battery rooms or battery charging bays or battery charging stacks are being widely used in Data Center, UPS Systems, Renewable Energy Sources like Solar Plants, Wind farms, Submarines, Naval Vessels and Underground Bunkers etc.

MSR, Germany micro-gard Hydrogen sensor transmitter, Catalytic pellistor, 0-100% LEL H2 in IP44 enclosure with features:

· Continuous monitoring

· Low zero point drift

· Poisoning stable

· Long life sensor

· Easy maintenance / calibration

· Reverse polarity protected

· Overload protected

· IP 44 protected enclosure

· Response time <10sec

· Short circuit reverse polarity protected

· Plug-in sensor PCB for easy service and replacement

· 24 VDC 4-20mA output or 2-10 VDC output

MSR ADT-23-3440-A-000022011

MSR Germany polygard Hydrogen (H2) sensor transmitter, sensor Cell: Catalytic Pellistor,  range 0-100 % LEL H2 in IP65 enclosure with following features:

  • Continuous monitoring.
  • Low Zero point drift.
  • Poisoning stable.
  • Gel type electrolyte (no orientation problem, no drying of electrolyte, no rupturing of membrane due to humidity or ventilation pressure shock).
  • Long life sensor.
  • Response time < 10sec
  • Short circuit and overload protected.
  • Reverse polarity protected.
  • The best part of this sensor is it has field replaceable PCB.
  • Plug in sensor PCB for easy service and calibration.
  • Special enclosure features : Protection class IP65
  1. a)Rough rugged impact resistant polycarbonate protection
  2. b)Glass fiber reinforced
  3. c)Ultra violet protection
  4. d)Fully gasketed IP 65 enclosure
  5. e)Hydrophobic filter
  6. f)Knocks and vibration proof
  •  Power supply 24 VDC
  • 4-20 mA / 0-20mA /2-10 VDC / 0-10 VDC jumper selectable analog output for PLC, SCADA, BMS etc.
  • Serial interface RS-485 protocol ModBus