Hydrogen Sulphide emission monitors Sensor Transmitter

Hydrogen Sulphide emission monitors Sensor Transmitter

H2S or Hydrogen Sulphide is the main factor in odour emission in waste water and sewerage treatment plants. H2S is a toxic and flammable gas that has an odour of rotten eggs and is a key cause of odour. H2S scrubbers are based primarily on activated charcoal or carbon and are widely used.

To monitor the operation and efficiency of these scrubbers, H2S is monitored at the inlet and outlet side with a hydrogen sulphide emission monitor. The inlet side will generally have higher PPM concentration of H2S while the outlet side will typically have NIL or very low concentration of H2S in the H2S filters or scrubbers.

For continuous emissions monitoring an ADT 53 1197 hydrogen monitor from ALVI India can be used in the inlet and outlet side.

The Hydrogen Sulphide emission monitor works on 24 VDC, 2 wire and gives out 4-20 mA output and comes in ranges 0-50 ppm H2S, 0-200 ppm H2S, 0-1000 ppm H2S or 0-5000 ppm H2S.

Hydrogen sulphide emission monitors are supplied with an in-line sampling kit. The 4-20 mA output can be connected to a MGC-03 gas controller for concentration readout, 4-20 mA output for PLC, SCADA and to generate alarms signifying filter or scrubber breakthrough or saturation.