IECEx and SIL 2 Approved Gas Detection

IECEx and SIL 2 Approved Gas Detection

Process industries such as Oil & gas, Petrochemical, Refinery and Chemical industries need special precautions to handle different hazardous substances that are used in the process or present in the atmosphere. For the protection of personnel and plant constant monitoring of toxic and combustible gases and vapours is required. The gas detection sensors for monitoring such hazardous gases needs to be installed and maintained in extreme harsh conditions.. Hence such products need to comply with general standards and regulations that guarantees the safety of the system.

At GasAlarm Systems, we provide innovative IECEx and SIL 2 Approved Gas Detection sensors to suit almost every industrial application where extreme environmental conditions prevail.

Basically there are three hazard categories in any process palnt:

  • Combustible Gases: danger of explosion
  • Toxic Gases: Danger of poisoning
  • Oxygen: Danger of suffocation due to Oxygen deficiency or fire hazard due to excess Oxygen

Without technical aids human beings usually do not have the ability to recognize these dangers at an early stage in order to take preventive measures. GasAlarm systems therefore have a task of detecting hazards from toxic or combustible gases and vapors and to protect people, plants and the environment by means of appropriate measures.

Our PolyXeta II sensors with IECEx approval is an ideal solution for the gas detection in hazardous areas.

The sensors are classified into three main categories:

  • Polyxeta II series Sensor with Ex demb[ib] Zone 1: For combustible and toxic gases, intrinsically safe, can be opened in Zone 1 without disconnecting
  • Polyxeta II series Sensor with Zone 1: For comustible and toxic gases, with Zone 1 flameproof enclosure
  • Polyxeta II series with Zone 2: For combustible and toxic gases, with Zone 2 flame-proof enclosure

The global importance of SIL has grown significantly over the last few years. GasAlarm System can now offer our PolyXeta II sensors with SIL 2 compliance.

In addition to compliance to legal and safety standards, PolyXeta II offers an ease of operation with its innovative design of change-element X-change sensor head.

The benefits of X-change sensor:

  • Quick and easy exchange of the sensor head
  • No more calibration necessary on site
  • For all current gases
  • Lower costs
  • More security
  • For further information on our PolyXeta II sensors, please visit PolyXeta II sensors.