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Intelligent Gas Alarm India is promoted and in technical joint venture with Alvi Technologies Pty Ltd. Intelligent Gas Alarm India is proud partner and representative
of German companies like MSR Electronic, Joventa, Jola, Fischer,
Beck Sensors, MSR Traffic and Sperian (USA); Kimo (France) for India, South Asia and South-East Asia region.

Intelligent Gas Alarm India design, engineer, system integrate
and offer products and solutions for Gas Detection Systems, Gas
analyser, rotatory Actuators, Thermostats, pressure
gauge/switch/transmitter, differential pressure sensor, temperature
transmitter, ambient air monitoring, climate control instruments,
portable instruments for gas, temperature, pressure detection, level
monitoring, float switch, flow meter for safe and hazardous zone
area in explosion-proof version.

Intelligent Gas Alarm India also offer parking management
solution, vehicle detection and tracking system and traffic control
solutions and products.

Our products comply in accordance with international norms CE, VDI 2053, EMV, EMC Directive etc.
Explosion-proof products are ATEX and SIL2 certified.

Our products find application from clean room to coal mines
including pharma, food, beverages, water treatment, thermal power
plants, hydro power, nuclear power, defense, horticulture, aviation,
transport, ripening chamber, cold storage, oil & gas, petrochemical,
process industries, sewage treatment plants, ventilation, building
automation, hotel, machinery, and many more.

MSR portable gas detector
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| Jola | Joventa | Kimo | Biosystems | Fischer | MSR | Parking
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