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Jola is a well-known manufacturer in the area of level control and leakage detection for liquids.

Jola product range focuses on the following types of equipment:

  • Floating switches and float switches,
  • Magnetically controlled immersion probes,
  • Magnetic switches and level controllers equipped with magnetic switches,
  • Continuous liquid level indicators based on the float principle,
  • Conductive level controls,
  • Capacitive level controls and liquid level indicators,
  • Pneumatic level controls and liquid level indicators,
  • Level measurement and control units for rainwater utilisation systems,
  • Leakage detectors for conductive and non-conductive liquids, also for the detection of oil on water,
  • Units for detection of moisture on cooling ceilings and for cooling ceiling control,
  • Limit switches
  • And a wide range of accessories such as contact protection relays, intrinsically safe transistor relays, alarm switching units, pump controllers etc.

Most Jola products carry the VDE symbol. All Jola products for use in potentially explosive atmospheres have an EC type examination certificate, and many have been granted design approval in accordance with the water laws.