JOLA-Fuel Leakage Detectors

JOLA-Fuel Leakage Detectors

JOLA- Capacitive leakage detectors of the Leckmaster range(for installation in normally dry rooms)

Description : 

For conductive and non-conductive liquids; can basically be used for the detection of all low-viscosity liquids for such tasks as signalling the presence of fuel oil on the floor of a tank room or in a collection tub located underneath a fuel oil burner.

The Leckmaster leakage detectors consist of 2 components:
– a COW/L or OWE 2/C sensor
– a Leckmaster 101 relay.

Example of JOLA Fuel leakage detectors

The COW/L and OWE 2/C sensors are designed for connection to the Leckmaster 101 relay. They work on a capacitive basis. If several sensors are used, a separate Leckmaster 101 relay is required for each sensor.

The COW/L and OWE 2/C sensors can be mounted either

JOLA leak detector

– upright on the floor (using the stand offered by Jola as an option)
– freely suspended by their cable above the floor.

The COW/L and OWE 2/C sensors should only be used in normally dry surroundings
– e.g. in collection rooms or collection tubs.
The Leckmaster 101 relay is designed for U-bar mounting or surface mounting. The various operating statuses are shown by coloured LEDs.

Areas of application:

  • All organic and inorganic liquids with specific dielectric constants between 1.8 and 109.
  • Prerequisite is that these liquids, dependent on the ambient temperature, are present influid form, and that the sensors to be used will be sufficiently wetted. Response height is approx. 12 mm.
Technical Features :

· Housing : PP and cast resin

· Connecting cable : with 5 metres of black TPK connecting cable

· Functional principle : capacitive sensor with gold-plated capacitor plates on epoxy resin backing material

· Self-capacitance : Ceq = 80 nF + 0.2 nF per metre of connecting cable

· Self-inductance : Leq = 0 + 1 μH per metre of connecting cable

· Protection class for the electronics sealed in the housing : IP 65

· Temperature range : – 20°C to + 60°C

· Response height from bottom edge of housing : ≥ 12 mm (depending on the dielectric constant of the liquid)

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