Leak Detection By JOLA SWITCHES

Leak Detection By JOLA SWITCHES

ALVI Automation India www.alviautomation.com present’s in INDIA Jola Float Switch – SSP Mercury Free For Liquid Level Detection, Jola float switch (mercury-free) for automatic control, regulation and signaling of liquid levels. Switching element:

* Potential-free microswitch
* Contact is effected by the rising and falling of the float with the liquid
* For mounting from the side or from the top.


* Model: SSP (for standard application, for light current application), for use in intrinsically safe circuits in mines susceptible to firedamp or in potentially explosive atmospheres in categories zone 1, 21, 2 or 22.
* Operating principle — ball-operated microswitch, potential-free changeover contact
* Options for safety application –––– diodes or resistors
* Recommended application –– via Jola protection relay
* Float material — PP
* Seal material — FPM / EPDM
* Float protection class — IP 68 / IP 68 T80°C
* Max. immersion depth of the float — max. 10 meters head of water at + 20°C

Applications of our float switches:
* Regulate single and multiple levels *
Low level sensing * High level alarm
* Leak Detection

*Overfill shut off

*Level and Temperature Control

*Turbulent liquids Industries that use our float switches:
* Oil/Water Separators *
Waste Water Treatment Equipment
*Diesel Fuel /Oil tank and Transfer Systems
* Fuel Management
* Chemical Processing and Storage
* Freon Recovery
* Lubrication Equipment
* Fluid Power
* Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
* Marine Applications * Medical Equipment
* Food Processing Equipment
* Heavy Construction Equipment