Level Measurement for Fuel Oil Tank

Level Measurement for Fuel Oil Tank

Why measure Fuel Oil Level?

Precise control of level measurement for fuel oil tank is crucial in many applications. In process plants fuel oil is delivered to the storage tanks and then is transferred to process or may be a smaller day tank. It is very important to know the fuel oil level either in the storage tank or in a day tank for day-to-day operations of the plants.

The main aspect for level measurement for fuel oil tank is to keep track of inventory in terms of volume. Keeping good control over your inventory has become increasingly important over the last several years. Level measurement is one key component for reliable and accurate inventory control. Many processes require a steady supply of inputs . A storage tank between the supply and process acts as a buffer and maintains steady and consistent supply for the process. For a maximum process efficiency the tanks need to be filled to full capacity at all times.

Level is also measured for safety reasons. Filling vessels above their capacities can cause safety spills (overflowing) in open tanks leading to catastrophic results.. Preventing overfills and to ensure the storage tank is  is always maintained within an appropriate supply, level measurement for fuel oil tank is very important.

Our Solution

Our Jola TS/O  immersion probe consists of a probe tube on which one or several floating switches are mounted along with a terminal box to which the floating switches are connected. The bottom floating switch falls together with the liquid to the minimum level and acts on the contactor when it falls below the horizontal. Liquid is then pumped into the tank. When the maximum level is reached, the top floating switch rises above the horizontal, the contactor holding circuit is interrupted and the filling process is stopped.

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