LPG Detector – Liquified Petroleum Gas Leak Detection Systems

LPG Detector – Liquified Petroleum Gas Leak Detection Systems

GasAlarm Systems India pleased to Introduce Highly Accurate LPG Gas Leakage sensor transmitter/detector/analyzer in association with ALVI Technologies- Australia &  MSR Germany having following features:

  • Measuring range: 0-100% LEL (lower explosive limit), 0-100% Vol (analysis)
  • Available Technology: Pellistor / catalytic bead (flammability monitoring), Infra-red
  • Output: 4-20mA, 0-10V, RS485 Modbus, Lon, BACnet
  • Enclosure: IP44, IP54, IP65, Flameproof, Stainless Steel
  • Certificate: UL 61010, UL 2075, ATEX EExd, ATEX EExn, CE
  • Mounting: wall mountable, duct mountable
  • Installation area: safe area, hazardous area, explosion-proof
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Poisoning protected
  • Low flashing temperature for longer sensor
  • Modular architecture
  • Manual calibration
  • Expected life: 3 years-15 years
  • Low response time

Application areas: Kitchen, gas bank, bottling plant, booster station, gas store, pharmaceutical, cylinder store, gems processing, heat processing, furnace, engine room, testing rooms, automobile, defense, warship, annealing plant, chemical plants, oil & gas, fire safety, domestic gas pipeline, kitchen, refinery, food processing, cement, bearing, machine industry, swimming pool, combustion area, bakery, commercial, hotels, mines, confined space, gasifier, stockyard, oil wells, biogas plant, landfill, boiler plant, thermal power plants, etc

Gas type available: combustible gas detector, confined space gas detector, gas detection system, gas detectors, gas analyzers, exhaust gas analyzers, biogas analyzers, stack gas analyzer, catalytic gas sensor, combustible gas sensor, gas sensors, hydrogen gas sensor, methane detector, LPG bottling plants, LPG burners, LPG cylinder plant, LPG fuel tank, LPG gas leakage sensor, gas train, LPG gas tanker, LPG station, LPG vaporizer, natural gas alarm, natural gas plants, combustion analyzer, biogas generation plant, biogas generator, biogas power generation plant, biomass gasifier, propane vaporizers.


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