In the course of the cooperative partnership with German plant manufacturers and operators FISCHER Mess- und Regeltechnik
GmbH has developed special measuring converters complying with the high and sensitive requirements in this area. Monitoring
filter functions, flow rates and filling levels is paramount. Moreover, measuring devices for non-safety-relevant applications are available.

FISCHER Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH is certified as a supplier for nuclear technical power plants according to KTA (Nuclear Safety Standards Commission) rules and standards 1401 in Germany. For safety-critical applications in the field of annular spaces FISCHER Messund Regeltechnik GmbH provides measuring
converters without microprocessor technology.


This ensures that the operational capability and
reliability of the devices is not impaired by radiation
or intervention on the processor.
Apart from these requirements (KTA 3505 and
KTA 3507) applicable in line with the German
KTA (Nuclear Safety Standards Commission)
regulations there are also measuring devices
available without such approvals.