Methane (CH4) Gas Detector

Methane (CH4) Gas Detector

MC2 sensor

Methane gas is a combustible gas with chemical formula CH4.

Methane (CH4) gas detector is also named as Natural gas detector.

Methane (CH4) gas detector is used to detect Methane gas.

Methane (CH4) gas detector are used in applications such as  Boiler room, Heating room, Kitchen in Hotels or Apartments,  Laboratories and Tunnels

Methane gas is an odourless gas, probably the most abundant
organic compound on earth.

Methane (CH4) gas is an extremely flammable gas.

When Methane (CH4) gas is sold commercially it is usually mixed with small amounts of foul-smelling Sulphur compounds for easier detection of leaks.

Methane (CH4) gas is also known as swamp gas, since Methane (CH4) gas is formed during decomposition of organic matter in oxygen-deficient environments, such as the bottom of a swamp.

Methane (CH4) gas is a greenhouse gas and emissions, primarily from agriculture is considered a contributing factor to the enhanced greenhouse effect.

The relative abundance of Methane (CH4) gas makes it an attractive fuel.

However, since it is a gas at normal conditions, Methane (CH4) gas is difficult to transport from its source.

Sensor coverage for Methane (CH4) gas detector is 35-40 m2 (recommended).

Methane (CH4) gas is lighter than air, mounting height for Methane (CH4) gas detector is 0.2 meter below ceiling.

MSR Germany Methane (CH4) gas detector converts the measurands           0-100% LEL into signals 2-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA output

Methane Gas Detector MC2


H2 ARB2 sesnor


  • Output 4-20 mA or 2-10 Vdc
  • Power supply 24 Vdc
  • Ranges 0-100% LEL
  • Sensor Element Pellistor (catalytic bead sensor)

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